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Baby Shower Ideas: Date Added: 10 May 2016
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Baby Jars
Empty baby jars from a friend who has a baby are a great way to decorate the room! Baby jars can be hand painted in different colors or you can get a baby magazine and cut out baby pictures, pregnant mothers and baby toys as well as other baby items in making the jars colorful and related to the baby shower. Use these jars for:

Centerpieces with flowers * Centerpieces with candy * Centerpieces with candles

Baby Bottles
Empty baby bottles are a great way to decorate the room. Either ask a person who does not need their empty bottles anymore or go to a store and purchase inexpensive bottles. Decorate them with paint or magazine ads and glue that have baby shower related pictures. Use these bottles for:

Centerpieces with flowers
Centerpieces with candy
Centerpieces with candles
Condiments like mustard and ketchup when eating
Game playing by placing blue or pink jellybellys in one and having the guests guess how many jellys (winner gets to keep the bottle)

Miniature Baby Bottles - Binky's
Take three lifesavers together and place white frosting around them together. Take a pink jelleybelly or a blue jellybelly on top of one of them whether they are having a boy or girl. If not sure what the couple is having, do a pink and blue jellybelly mix. The white frosting should hold the jellybelly into place and then you will have little baby shower bottle decorations to spread across the room or on the tables.

Baby Shower Card Decorations
When everyone arrives at the baby shower, have crayons, markers and pre-cut paper in the form of a card. Have each baby shower guest create a personalized card with a picture on the front and a word of advice for the mommy-to-be inside. Place the cards immediately around the room as decorations which can be collected at the end of the baby shower by the mommy-to-be to read.

"If you are looking for more baby shower decorations at reasonable prices, check out Your Complete Party who has all the baby shower supplies and themes you need with great prices and low shipping!

December Baby Shower Decorations
If having a December Baby Shower, decorate a small Christmas tree in blue or pink lights and hang baby shower toys on the tree that the mother-to-be can take and use. Use small stuffed animals, bottles, rattles, baby bottles, etc., along with more normal items like christmass orniments and snowflakes. A great way to be festive for the holiday and the baby shower party!

Usable Baby Shower Items as Decorations
Get a basket and place baby care supplies (baby shower skin care, rattles, binky's, lotions, non-tear shampoo) and placed them in the center of each table at the shower. Whether the baby will be a boy or girl, tie baby blue or pink ribbons on the basket to liven up the basket. You can also use baby shower related pink and blue balloons to finish off the baskets that will be used as centerpices. It was a great way to help the mommy-to-be get some essential items as well as making a table look nice. A great decoration and baby shower centerpiece is a diaper cake that comes in many themes. Check out baby shower diaper cakes who has many styles of usable diapers that make great decorations!

Baby Shower Decoration Party
For those baby shower guests that are in charge of the party, it would be fun to have everyone over to create baby shower decorations by getting construction paper, glitter, glue, and other art supplies to create cutouts like:

bottles / crib / blocks with a-b-c's / rattles / stroller (for more advanced artists)
pacifiers / baby food containers / bibs / duckies

This can be a pre-party for building the excitement to the main baby shower party and all the planners will have a ball creating these items. Be sure to visit Pretty Favors for a wonderful selection of baby shower favors!

Baby Shower Rattle Decorations
This was given to us by one of our visitors - Terry - who stated:
"Bake a batch of rice crispy "balls". (Form the rice crispy into the shape of a ball, allowing it to set and firm up.) This acts as the top of a baby rattle. Use a Popsicle stick as the handle of the rattle. You can either write on the popsicle stick with Blue for a boy and pink for a girl saying......"It's a girl/ It's a boy" or paint it on if you're really crafty. If the gender has not been determined, phrases such as "Baby on the way", works too. Wrap the top of the rattle (the rice crispy balls) with a cellophane or plastic wrap, and secure it in place with a ribbon color to suit the gender of the baby. These make neat give always." Thanks Terri

Baby Shower Decoration Kits
For those who want to save a lot of time in making baby shower decorations, there is always the ease of purchasing a nice baby shower kit that comes with all the items you will need to decorate the party right! Check out the baby shower decorations which may include confetti, hanging items, wall items and kits that include everything!

Baby Booties candy holders
Materials needed: Bathroom Disposable cups, Paper napkins, Cotton Balls, Ribbon, Baby Shower Candy.
Directions: Unfold the napkin, and sit a cup on the napkin and three cotton balls where the toes should be. Pull the napkin up and tuck into the top of the cup then tie some ribbon pretty yight around the cup about half way down in to a bow. It should should look like a baby bootie then add candy kisses in the cup. Thanks to Patsy from SC for this great baby shower decoration that also makes a great little treat for everyone at the baby shower!

Balloons - If you know that mommy-to-be is expecting a boy, decorate with blue and white balloons. If she is having a girl, use pink balloons instead of blue. Balloons can be floated on the ceiling, tied to chairs, and used as part of table centerpieces.

Streamers - Mix two or more colors that are part of your theme. Twist the streamers and hang them on the walls, ceilings, doorways, and stairs.

Baby Bottles and Food Jars - Baby bottles and food jars make nice decorations when filled with colorful candies, such as M&M's or jelly beans. They can also be used to anchor helium-filled balloons.

Baby Bathtub - If you are serving punch, serve it in a new baby bath tub instead of a punch bowl. Float fruit and even a rubber ducky for fun. It's a cute way to serve drinks and doubles as a gift! Another great use of bathtubs is to fill them with a variety of baby bath items such as soaps, shampoo, wash cloths, towels and bath toys including a rubber ducky.

Teddy Bears - Everyone loves teddy bears! Decorate the room with teddy bears as table centerpieces. You can find teddy bear pattern tablecloths at most party stores and we love the idea of spreading Gummy Bear candies randomly on the tables. Put the finishing touch on the teddy bear theme by serving teddy bear shaped cookies for dessert.

Baby Books - Fill baskets with favorite baby books and place them on tables. These baskets not only makes a nice decoration, but baby and mommy will have a great library of baby books. Add some pacifiers and a rattle to each basket.

Pacifiers - Pacifiers can be used to hold down balloons or they can be used as napkin rings.

Stuffed Animals - Stuffed animals make for great decorations. Noah's Ark is a fun theme in which you decorate the room with pairs of stuffed animals and assign table seating by animals.

Transportation Toys - When a baby boy is on the way, decorate with cars, trucks, airplanes, boats and rockets.

Nursery Rhyme Decorations - Decorate baby shower with nursery rhyme characters like Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill, a cow jumping over a moon, and other favorites. Most party stores will have plates, cups and napkins with the most popular nursery rhymes.

Rubber Duckies - Decorate the room with baby rubber duckies and ducky soaps. Serve food on Ducky paper plates, cups and napkins and continue the theme using yellow balloons, streamers and a big yellow cake with a big yellow ducky on top.

Animal Pullie - With all of the fun scrap booking papers, select the prints that fit your color(s) or theme. First, using cardboard, cut out the silhouette of an animal (or truck, car etc. depending on your theme) Cover each side in your selected scrap book paper. Trim the edged to the shape of the animal. Using toilet paper rolls make the "wheels". Use yarn as the "pull", like an old fashioned pull toy. Use a variety of "shapes or animals" for these easy decorations.

Baby Bottle Salt & Pepper Shakers - Purchase baby bottle nipples and use them as salt and pepper shakers (poke more holes, cut out a round circle and wrap plastic wrap and Blue ribbon to hold the salt and pepper, and lay them around the food tables).

Rubber Ducky Pond - get a good size glass bowl and place colorful rocks at the bottom (use baby colors). Fill the bowl with water and get yellow rubber duckies and let them float around! A very cute baby shower centerpiece for each table. Thanks Renee!

Baby Diaper and Bib Center Piece - Use apple cider or champagne bottles with baby diapers on the bottom and a bib tied around the the top. You can decorate the bib or diaper and write, 'It's a girl" or "It's a boy" or "Baby on the way", with the date. Tie balloons on top. Get even more creative and make a label for the bottle! Craft stores usually sell blank baby bibs. You can also put confetti in one of the diapers and at the end of the party, have each table open the diaper really fast and the one that springs confetti wins a table gift for everyone sitting at that table. Thanks to Jessica for these ideas!

Baby Clothes Line - Create a clothes line across the room with baby clothing like: bibs, diapers, onesies, and other baby products that the mommy-to-be can use. Hang the line where the mother to be sits or across the whole room. This can either be done with paper cut outs if you are on a budget. Thanks to Celia for this idea.

Bath Tub Cooler - Fill a baby bath tub with ice and place bottled drinks in it. Use it as a cooler and it can be given as a baby shower gift after the party. You can also have fun and make punch and milk, sticking the drink in baby bottles with twisty tops for the guests! Thanks to Chedi for this info!

Floral Baby Potty Chair - Purchase a potty chair and take it to your local florist. Have them design a floral arrangement in the potty bowl. Use this as a centerpiece for the gift table. It's cute and also makes a very useful gift for later. Thanks to visitor Linda for this great idea!

Baby Clothesline - Tie a string across a room and hang onsie's in infant sizes with clothespins/safteypins as a decoration. This is great as the onsies can be used by the mother-to-be after the baby shower. Other items can also be hung on the string that are light such as diapers, wash cloths, etc. Thanks to Sandra for this idea!

Baby Shower GiftDiaper Gift Wrap - A great idea if you are giving out baby shower gifts is to wrap them like a diaper (or use a real one). You can use construction paper and fold it like you are doing a diaper which is very cute when giving out the baby shower gifts. Use different colors. Thanks to our baby shower visitor Bree for this great idea!

Cup Holders - A cute baby shower decoration idea is to use preemie diapers as cupholders. Thanks to Jennifer for this idea.

Candle Decorations and Gifts - Find glass baby powder scented candles with tops at a craft store. Around the candle use 4-5 inch width assorted colored tulle and tied with a bow. These can be used as decoration or place holders for each baby shower guest. Each baby shower guest can be given one as they leave with a small card attached thanking them for coming to the baby shower. Thank you to Angela for this idea!

In the display pictured to the right, Patsy used paper napkins in the color to match for either a girl or boy, cotton balls and ribbon, bathroom size water cups which she filled with candy kisses.

Ducky Punch Bowl - Make your favorite blue or pink punch and let 2-3 rubber duckies float in it. Serves as a beverage and decoration. Thanks to Ilyasa for a wonderful baby shower decoration and gift idea!

Girl Baby Showers - When looking at baby showers for girls, they have evolved throughout the years. These days you have monkey girl baby showers and rock star themes. Usually, the baby shower host pairs these themes with pink and brown baby shower ideas because its the ideal color pattern for these types of modern girl themes.

Diaper Decorations - Decorate the baby shower party perimeter by taking newborn size diapers, filling them with rocks, marbles, anything heavy, and basically wrapping up the rocks as if it were babies bottom. Then I will attach about 5 balloons (pink or blue) with long strings and set these around the border of the shower area. Thanks to Cristina from O'Fallon, Missouri for the baby shower decoration idea!

Animal Pullie - With all of the fun scrap booking papers, select the prints that fit your color(s) or theme. First, using cardboard, cut out the silhouette of an animal (or truck, car etc. depending on your theme) Cover each side in your selected scrap book paper. Trim the edged to the shape of the animal. Using toilet paper rolls make the "wheels". Use yarn as the "pull", like an old fashioned pull toy. Use a variety of "shapes or animals" for these easy decorations.

Baby Shower Tree - Use a white pre-lit Christmas tree and decorated it with baby items. Baby hats, baby toys, baby booties, teething rings, etc. At the bottom then wrap baby blankets around the base of it. The mommy to be gets to take all the goodies home with her! Thank you Erin for this great baby shower decoration idea!

The Pamper Centerpiece - Hot glue 3 baby bottles to form a triangle shape. Next, get three (3) size 1 pampers and tape the pampers to the bottles. Next wrap pink, blue or your favorite color coordinated ribbon or bows to the diapers. Attach the balloons to the centerpiece if you would like. Makes a beautiful, pampers/bottle centerpiece and the mommy-to-be gets to keep the size 1 pampers as well as the bottles. Thank you to Lenika for this great baby shower decoration idea.

Teddy Bear Centerpiece - Place a teddy bear in the middle of each table and have baby shower guests write a message to the mother-to-be on the bear (on the bear's clothing or mini pad of paper clipped to the bear) during the baby shower. The bear makes a lovely keepsake and cute in the baby's room. Thanks to baby shower 101 guest Donagh from New Zealand for this great idea!

Baby Shower Clothesline - use poster board to draw, cut and paint baby shirts, pants, socks, and overalls, With the shirt, I put the parent's last name, and the numbers '08' Like a jersey. Visitor Jenette stated, "It really turned out cute." An easy baby shower decoration to create and save money in this current recession.

Baby Shower Blocks - Take milk crates and covered them with posterboard. Paint them up like big baby blocks. You can spell out 'boy' or 'girl' or baby shower.... just about anything! Baby shower 101 visitor Jenette states, "These really turn out cute, and are very inexpensive to make!"

Baby Shower Lollypops - Use baby wash cloths and plastic baby forks and spoons to make "lollypops" which can be used to decorate the top of a diaper cake or in vases, jars or baskets.. Take a baby washcloth and roll it up, so you have a long cylinder. Now, start at one end, and roll up the wash cloth, and secure it with tape. Place the washcloth in a small cellophane bag, along with a plastic baby spoon or fork ( you can find these in a pack of 10 for about $2-$3). Next, tie a piece of ribbon right under the washcloth. Another great baby shower decoration from Jenette.

Baby Shower Duckies-n-Bowls - For those mommy-to-be's that love rubber duckies, a great idea is to take some baby rubber duckies and float them in clear plastic or clear blue bowls on each table for centerpieces. You can also use blue food coloring in the water to make it more festive! Thanks to Christine for this great baby shower decoration idea!

Baby Chocolate Spoon - A great baby shower decoration is take pink or blue plastic spoons and melt warm chocolate. Dip each spoon into the chocolate and lay on wax paper, before completely set place a theme related candy in the chocolate in the center of the spoon (like sprinkles). after chocolate is set, slip into a clear plastic wrapper and it can be added to a diaper cake or set around for a sweet treat. Thanks to AnneMarie for this great baby shower decoration idea!

Baby Shower Decorations for a Chinese Adoption - Buy Chinese takeout boxes and fill them with colored balloons or flowers for centerpieces. You may also decorate a cake in the shape of a Chinese takeout box with baby items (rattles, diapers, teethers, etc.) coming out of the top. If the baby to be adopted is a boy, Chinese dragons would make a great colorful decoration!

Baby Shoe Candy Holder - Get 8oz. Styrofoam cups and cut in half. Then, cut a tongue (2 Slits beside each other about and 1-2 in. apart). Punch 2 holes on each side of the tongue, then take ribbon and lace it through like you would a shoe. There you have a baby shoe which you can fill up with baby shower candy. Thanks to Crystal for this great baby shower decoration idea.

Baby Shower Plant Centerpiece - If you are on a budget for the baby shower and want flowers, sometimes adding a live blooming plant on the table will make a nice centerpiece. Use impatiens or other inexpensive plants from your local nursery and wrap a real diaper around the bottom. They can be used as gifts for the guests or the mom to be can take them home to plant in the memory of the baby shower. Thanks to Denise for this great baby shower decoration idea.

Baby Shower Decorations with Religious Tone
If you are looking to have a baby shower with religious tones, bring in some baptism favors, Christening favors and supplies such as candy mint tins, Baptism mini rosary favors, or Italian religious symbols.

Baby Shower Decorations: Beanie Babies - For darling baby shower table decorations, buy like new beanie animals at a thrift store, and small new or like-new children's books, place the book with the animal in the middle on a doily and put some greenery (like ceonothus) around the edge of the doily. Tell the mommy-to-be that the books and toys are all for her baby. You might want the baby shower guests to read the books to the baby in womb as the mother visits each table.

Baby Shower Large Decorations: Umbrellas - For a large baby shower decoration (by the gift table or by or above the seat for the mommy-to-be), buy a pastel umbrella at a thrift store, decorate it per the sex of the baby (unless unknown - then, in pale yellow or green) as desired with net, ribbons, flowers, and curly loops of thin white or silver coming from the edge of the umbrella which makes it look like rain.

Baby Shower Baby Breath Centerpieces - Purchase clear small vases and place baby's breath with tiny pink roses in each.

There are so many decor ideas that are popping up everywhere. You have gender reveal parties, coed baby showers and sip N see events. The classic pink and blue baby shower motif is practically non-existent these days.

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